campaigns and voting behavior

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Name Professor Course Date Campaigns and Voting Behaviour Campaigns in politics spend many millions of dollars in each cycle of voting aiming to persuade voters. It has been established that the campaign has an impact on the voting decisions. However, it is least known of the kind of context and method of delivery of the message and how it affects the voters. The article focused on a field experiment done for the general election in the year 2010. The experiment looks to identify the mechanisms of persuasion of voters that are behind any certain campaigning form. Candidates canvased a homestead or left some form of literature without necessarily speaking to the voters (3). The literature left behind indicates the candidate’s information such as their manifesto or guidelines indicating on how to vote. The paper concludes that voters are greatly affected by a delivery method involving personal contact instead of the content of the message. Personal contact seems to work not due to the facts of social pressure but because of the provision of a quality signal that is verifiable. Voters have been reached by candidates through a variety of methods including calls, radio advertisements and directs messages or emails. These methods are less costly ways of engaging voters. However, personal contact is considered the greatest effective method of campaigning. The literature that relates to campaign phenomenon according to this study, measures average spending and high outcomes of votes (5). This study is one among many that utilizes both field and natural experiments that looks on particular types of campaigning and their effect on voter turnout. The results obtained

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