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Student's Name Instructor's Name Course Date of Submission Personal Ethics and Worldview Perspectives in the Everyday Business Environment Philosophy of Shalom The management of the companies is crucial for the proper business activities. The leaders of the companies should not be too strict on the managerial activities. They should incorporate the philosophy of shalom in their daily decision-making processes. The philosophy of shalom entails relationship between the company, employees and the customers (Dobele 150). The treatment of the workers by the top management should be fair. The philosophy can be incorporated by trying to have welfare activities which aim at improving the lives of the workers. The quality of the life of the workers is a function of how the management treats the employees. The management can enhance the initiative by ensuring equal treatment to all workers and offering the same allowances without favoritism. The remuneration should also be reasonable compared to the output of the worker. Again the management should involve their subordinates in the decision-making processes. Some of the decisions are critical for the growth of the company and require the involvement of the employees. The output of the company depends on the working performance of the workers hence they should be involved in the decision-making process. Truth and Trust in Business Environment The truth and trust are key elements of the company that embraces the welfare of the workers (Dobele 160). Truth and trust can be implemented in the business by respecting the human rights of all the workers. The exploitation of the workers such as long working hours,

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