Business ethics in Saudi Arabia with focus in nepotism.

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Business Ethics and Nepotism in Saudi Arabia Name Institution Affiliation Abstract This paper aims to demonstrate the business ethics in Saudi Arabia with a keen focus on nepotism as experienced at the marketplace. The study applies the Utilitarian approach on business ethics and analyses business ethical conduct in Saudi Arabia in relation to the business ethics in the United States. The paper also examines nepotism as a noteworthy concern regarding business ethics. It looks at nepotism in Saudi Arabia and recognizes how it is widely accepted by the Saudi Arabian tribal system and culture. Compared to the United States, which has zero tolerance towards nepotism, Saudi Arabia considers it part of the culture. The paper also looks at nepotism from a wider perspective including analyzing the reported cases in other countries such as India, Latin America, Italy, Arab countries and African countries. The findings regarding the negative effects of nepotism inform the recommendations made, particularly to the public sector in Saudi Arabia. A conclusion is made by analyzing the business ethics in Saudi Arabia from a utilitarian approach and demonstrating how nepotism does not represent the utilitarian principles. Introduction Justice Potter Stewart once said that there is a difference between what is right to do and what one has a right to do. Isaac Asimov further remarked that one should never allow his or her sense of morals prevent them from doing what is right. Human beings are social animals, and the rules of nature govern their individual and group behavior (Ardichvili, Jondle, & Kowske, 2010). The rules, which are in the form of behavioral standards,

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