Business culture shock

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Business Culture: Name of student: Name of institution: Culture is significant to the behavior of business and organizations. Globalization has caused this rapid advancement in technology, labor costs, technological progression, and sophisticated distribution channels (Meyer et al., 2006). Many businesses have expanded and moved offices to other countries. Despite these advantages, companies have to fight the barriers such as cultural differences. Culture differences between the host country and the organization must be solved. An example is when I started working with Maire Tecnimont in Saudi Arabia as explored in the essay (Idesli, 2013). It explores how organizations behavior is influenced and changes depending on the cultural environment in the host country. Business culture illustrates the way individuals or a particular group operates within the company. It examines the different levels of communication and how employees deal with customers and clients. Individuals and organizations always respect and adhere to the values and norms reflecting their traditional behaviors (Brunot, 2015). An organization must understand the values and norms of the host country to be successful. Each culture has its beliefs, activities, benefits, and attitudes. Culture affects business as it influences the decisions by the management among other business functions such as the production and accounting unit. Scholars argue that companies must consider the immediate culture in the host country and adhere to it (Robbins & Judge, 2012). Managers have to develop strategies that match the culture of the country they operate (Robbins & Judge, 2012). Businesses and

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