Break the norm for the day

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Breaking Daily Norms Student’s name Institutional affiliation Date My norm has been working twenty-four seven. I have never missed work for a decade now even during weekends. I did break this norm for two weeks last month by just staying back at home and visiting friends and relatives both near and fear. I could only make unnecessary travels and/or ready novels and magazines at home. At times I could visit the prisoners and orphanage around the home as well as attending our church camp meeting. During this time of breaking norm also, I could attend political conferences in our county even when not invited. I also did play in our local football league. People, both my neighbors and relatives thought that the company where I used to work had failed (Posner, 2009). Others thought that maybe I was sick or maybe I was laid off. In fact, many came to visit me and check what was wrong with me that I was at home. People had different reactions to the action of breaking the norm I had made. I received several calls both from my workplace and from different friends and relatives. Some were asking about my health state. Those were so much concerned made visits and more so frequent visits. Those who made frequent visits did not believe what I had told them that I had just taken a deliberate off to break the norm of ever-working. Some even made gossip about me that I was hiding something. Some behaved in a way that seems that they had something up there throat only that they could not spit in my presence. They seemed weird in their relationship with me, not like the days before. Some even stopped calling or communicating with me in all means-they ignored me. The situation

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