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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Is it a good idea to sow sugarcane or maintain the jungles undisturbed? Brazil can sow sugarcane while at the same time maintain the jungles undisturbed. The Amazon region does not have the perfect climatic condition that is suitable for the growth of sugarcane, and thus most of the sugarcane is planted in South –Central Brazil and Northeastern Brazil. However, planting sugarcane has boosted the county’s economic development since sugarcane has been used in the production of sugar and ethanol, which are significant sources of revenue for the country ("Brazil Ethanol"). Most of the vehicles and machines use ethanol since it is a cheaper source of energy and it does not emit carbon into the atmosphere. As a source for sugar and clean source of energy, it is a good idea for the country to continue sowing sugarcane. However, the country should not go to the extent of cutting down the forest just to plant sugarcane. Such an action is likely to obliterate the environment and may lead to harsh climatic conditions around the country that will not be suitable for agriculture ("The Amazon: Earth's Largest Rainforest"). Do you think you can regenerate the environment and prevent pollution through the use of ethanol? Using ethanol can help in regeneration of the environment and preventing pollution. Compared to petroleum oil, ethanol produced from sugarcane cuts the emission of carbon dioxide by 90 percent on average ("Brazil Ethanol"). It is a more suitable liquid biofuel that is produced in Brazil today on a large scale. Carbon emission is the largest contributor of global warming, and since ethanol emits very low content of carbon

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