Brain Injury

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Brain Industry Name University Affiliation Date Abstract Brain Injury is increasingly growing among the society, and the subject is gaining momentum in the media. The condition not only takes a toll on affected individuals affected but also adversely affects the entire nation. The problem is especially prevalent on prisoners most of whom develop brain injuries before joining prison. The government, health specialist, and community members all have a role to play in controlling extreme effects of brain injury on victims. There is a need for early and effective interventions to curb the condition which is possible if all the relevant stakeholders play their roles. The society should deviate from perceiving criminals and prisoners as a threat to them and seek appropriate ways of helping them before and after developing brain injury. This paper addresses the societal impacts of brain injury and looks at the essential interventions helpful to the at-risk population. Also, the article looks at the executive functioning issues concerning the "Change of Mind" documentary and "Sing Unburied" novel. Effects of Brain Injury on Society Brain injury not only subject victims to sufferings but also the entire society is adversely affected. The condition deprives the society productive human resources and also leads to the society incurring financial costs. Victims suffer mood swings and losses concentration which makes them lose their jobs (Pyror, 2016). Consequently, such individuals may engage in criminal activities to earn a living hence incurring financial problems to the society. What interventions could be helpful to this population in determining Brain Injury?

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