Barcode Medication Administration

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Barcode Medication Administration: Promising Technology in Preventing Medication Errors? Name of the Student Professor’s Name Barcode Medication Administration: Promising Technology in Preventing Medication Errors? Medication errors are quite common across different healthcare settings. Medication errors lead to negative health outcome in patients. Hence, nursing professionals and allied healthcare professionals should be cautious in preventing medication errors in their clinical settings. Medication administration is a routine and common phenomenon in clinical practice. However, preoccupation and inability to recognize the prescribed medications and their respective dosing schedules are the major causes of medication errors. Different initiatives are implemented across clinical settings for preventing medication errors (Novak, 2012). Barcode medication administration is one such initiative that is implemented across different clinical settings for preventing medication errors. Almost 65.5% of U.S. hospitals have adopted the BCMA system. In the traditional paper-based prescription process of administering medications, nursing professionals manually verify the medication and the patient before they are administered. However, manual administration is subjected to different subjective errors. Bar code medication administration systems ensure an additional safety layer before medications are dispensed to patients (Novak, 2012). However, different studies have raised questions regarding the viability of barcode medication administration. The present article would help to compare between conventional and evidence-based techniques for improving

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