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Aviation Student’s name Institution Data and the treatment of the data The data needed and the means of obtaining data In this study, the data that is needed is the feelings of the astronauts when they are inside the space suits or enclosed spaces. Specifically, the data that would be of great interest is the anxiety levels. The anxiety levels will be subjective data that will be measured concerning its corresponding option. Data needed will be obtained from the subjects taking part in the study. Self-reported feelings will be provided by the subjects. The research methodology In this study, the research methodology that will be employed is quasi-experimental research. Quasi-experimental research design involves a broad range intervention studies that are non-randomized (White and Sabarwal, 2014). Quasi- research methodology is preferred in this case since it is not ethical, logistically practical, to carry out a randomized, controlled trial (Eliopoulos et al., 2004). This method is advantageous since, in addition to retaining many of advantages associated with experimental, it has the potential for evaluating causality, and provides an opportunity for replication while keeping the study less artificial (Crowther and Lancaster, 2008). In this study, the use of the three intervention options will be examined. Subjects will be identified but without the element of randomness. The study of the impact of each intervention option will be feelings experienced by the subjects when they are either in enclosed spaces or in space suits. Each of the interventions is implemented. Before implementation, the subject will be asked to provide self-reported feelings of

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