Assignment: Government Agency Environments

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Qualities of a City Manager Student’s name Institution affiliation Qualities of a City Manager Studies indicate that more than 49% of cities in the US operate in the council-manager form of government with another 370 county governments using the same structure. This shows that over 90 million Americans live in cities that operate under the council-manager structure where a city manager is in charge of the daily operations of the municipality. The operations include public safety, land use, engineering of water, sewer and refuse removal, community services and internal functions that include budgeting, finance, human resources. 2 out of 6 Americans depend on the services provided by entities managed by city managers daily. The fact that 3500 non-elected administrators are in charge of the public services that impact on every aspect of the public life many Americans makes the position of a city manager vital even in attracting high profile investors and companies to the city (Bae & Feiock, 2013). The following paper, therefore, focusses on obtaining a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to be a competent city manager in pursuit to lead change in a city. Little attention has been paid to one of the most critical relationships in democratic governments which is the relationship between civil servants and politicians. Politicians make policies while the civil servants are involved in the implementation. A good working relationship between politicians and the administration is essential for a successful government as the success of politicians is very much dependent on the quality of the civil servants. However, there are several potential tensions

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