Art Reflection and experiment report

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Art Reflection and Experiment Report. Name: Institution: Pointillism is a form of artistic expression where tiny dots of color are used to create an image. The word pointillism itself is derived from the French word point that means a dot. The image results from the creation of a depth of light. During the 19th Century, several artists experimented using this method. However, all of them had moderate success. In the modern era, the term dotted art is also used to describe drawings that are made entirely from dots. As an art, pointillism heavily relies on the use of dots to create a depth of lighting. This enables the artist to come up with subtle variations of color that would seem clumsy and misplaced if done in a haphazard manner. This kind of art is also considered part of the post-impressionist period. This movement advanced the ideas of the Impressionist era CITATION Kru05 l 1033 (Kruger & Worgotta, 2005) that included the view that an artist should place his ideas on a canvas for others to see. Due to the emphasis that the style placed on color, shape, and movement were ultimately affected adversely. Many artists’ works appeared posed which was different from earlier works that seemed to capture untamed moments for a lifetime. Some famous pointillists include French artist Georges Seurat CITATION Bre99 l 1033 (Brettel, 1999), who is considered a pioneer of pointillism, Paul Signac and Maximilian Luce. Pointillism as an art form has significant historical ramifications. Today, however, it is described as a technique that is used by different artists to create different contexts in art forms. The style heavily relies on the use of pure color as applied on a

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