Apple vs Android

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Apple Company Name Institution Affiliation The main problem being experienced with the apple products is the credibility. The credibility is associated with the lifespan of the products as compared to other products from different companies. There are several complaints made by the apple customers that most of the apple products are very delicate however much they are expensive as compared to products like those of the android company (Montgomerie & Roscoe, 2013). This creates a lot of fear on the customers since they can easily lose a lot of money whenever a small mistake occurs to the product for instance when the product slides from the hand and falls, it becomes very difficult to fine the spare parts as well as to repair it. The other problem that is experienced by the apple company is the completion of the other companies. Companies like android produce several varieties of products, and this gives the customers the opportunity to choose the product to purchase. On the contrary, apple only has one variety that the customers don’t have an opportunity to make a choice (Montgomerie & Roscoe, 2013). This, therefore, gives the customers the restriction to either buy the product or leave the apple product completely since there is no alternative. Due to these competitions from the other companies, the apple company experiences a challenge that makes them have relatively lower sales as compared to their competitors. In addition to the high cost of purchase of the apple products, the high cost only makes the company have a small bracket of buyers, and that is mostly the well-off families who are very few in the society. Most of the software of the apple

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