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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: App advertisement Method The work is a follow-up of a survey performed a short while back. It indicates the outcome of research on the attitude and reaction towards the advertisement of mobile applications. The main agenda was to identify the effects of mobile advertising and determine the impact they have on certain age groups in the society. The whole procedure was effective because the survey was conducted on very active factions and individuals regarding the use of mobile phones as a means of communicating and gathering information. The information about the survey was published in the form of an infographic. Now an analysis of the data collected is imminent. Analysis Thirty participants were asked if they are conversant with the use of a mobile phone, its significance, and impact in the past. Half of the participants being male verified the fact that they utilize a mobile phone constantly and half being female did the same. In fact, all of them were too attached or associated with the use of mobile phones. A big number of the people involved in the survey about the effects of mobile advertising was the youths who were ranging from age 18 to 28yrs. Others include one teenager below the age of 18 years and a few from 29 to 38 years. From the survey, it is evident that almost all individuals in the society consider a mobile phone a necessity. In fact, it has become a basic need. Rather than not owning a mobile phone or carrying one on a daily basis, all the participants asserted that they carry one every day to assist them connect with others and communicate about important issues. 29 of the participants claimed that they carry a

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