Anxiety disorder adults or childrens

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Name Instructor Course Date Anxiety Disorder in Adults Anxiety is pervasive in people’s lives and it is a situation whereby someone feels unease, worried or have a fear of something. I chose to address this issue because it is a condition that every person experiences at some point without realizing the impacts or factors attributing to such a circumstance. Typically, many individuals do not know that anxiety is part of life, and when fear or worries overwhelm them, it becomes difficult to function appropriately. The feeling may seem to be so irrelevant and therefore almost negligible to be ignored, but it adversely interferes with people’s quality life. For instance, a job seeker might become nervous during the interview, and it may ruin his or her ability to answer questions correctly. Anxiety is unavoidable, so it is normal to feel uncomfortable, for example, a gentleman may become nervous while proposing to his partner. Other instances of mixed feelings are witnessed during a public speech, prize giving celebrations, financial difficulties or when stranded in unfamiliar environments. An essential point to note is that anxiety can, however, get so forceful or frequent such that it takes over individuals lives. Thesis statement: Neglecting anxiety disorders pose great dangers of health advanced effects and social complications.Facts About Anxiety Disorder Anxiety disorder is a severe clinical situation like any other real physical disorder such as a diabetes illness. The problem affects individuals at any age and can be treated when right measures become adhered. A typical fact is that, among other mental illness in many states, anxiety problem affects

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