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Scientific Investigation Research The first action of any investigation is to research on the topic. There are several reasons for making an investigation. For instance, an investigator may wish to continue with a previous investigation he or she had conducted, or something he or she has noticed in their daily life. The investigator can get more information on the research topic from the internet, magazine, books, or ask someone with knowledge on the subject or find out what other people did concerning the same experiment. Problem At this stage, the investigator needs to narrow down his or her observation to a simple question or questions that can be tested and answered. The question formed would then lead to the hypothesis or speculation of the investigation. Hypothesis The hypothesis is a statement that the investigator tests and then proves it either true or false. It is stated before starting the experiment, and the investigator should give an explanation why he or she chose it. It should be written down since it forms the basis of the experiment. However, it should not be changed even if the results turn out to be false. Science is not concerned about right or wrong, but coming up with an answer. Experiment (Method) It involves the different steps taken to test the hypothesis. It includes all the procedures to be used in the experiment while also describing measurements or observation made. In a proper investigation, all the control variables should be kept the same except for the independent variable that should be changed in the experiment. The results that would change because of the independent (manipulated) variable are known as responding

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