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Name Professor Course Date Obligation towards caring for animals. Human beings created Rights as a concept that preserves social order with other human beings. In spite of this fact, human beings have an obligation of taking care of other species which involves allowing the animals to exist and treat them humanely. Any abuse inflicted on animals by a human being is a moral wrong because of the ethical culture put in place that is strict to be followed and adhered to by all human beings for them to co-exist. The main reason that explains why people leave in a particularly unique manner is speciesism. Speciesism is not right as all living things have a common sense and are conscious (Cochrane 170). Human beings treat animals as resources for dressing, sustenance or stimulation. Human beings have rights. Animals have the same rights as humans. We have the responsibility of handling our animals kindly and protecting them from any harm and abuse. The equal rights human beings have, the extension of the same to animals is equally essential. Animals have souls like human beings; it proves their existence is of the essence. Humans who keep animals as pets have an understanding of how animals behave. Pets like dogs and cats are happy to see their owners when they get home; they play and show emotions of love and care (Cochrane 175). Animals whimper when faced with fear and cry when in pain. Animals could not have been given life just to suffer but to live as humans do. Treating animals with respect, love and care is right, as not all of them are vicious and cruel. Human beings are also not the same in character

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