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Andy Warhol


Andy Warhol and the effect of his work on politics Introduction Andy Warhol, a renowned artist of the 19th century, was born in 1928 as the fourth born in a family of four siblings. His drawing career kicked off in the 1950s. His first paintings were for advertisement purposes. These gave him fame across the country and with no time he was becoming a star in the art field. In his career, he mainly addressed contemporary issues. These ranged from advertisements (as portrayed by his coca cola painting of 1962) to beauty (depicted in his Gold Marilyn Monroe painting) to politics (as represented in his Mao painting of 1973). Andy believed that art good art was based on every day to day object and...

Andy Warhol Year: 1962 Nationality: America Media: Synthetic Polymer Paint on Canvas Name: Self-Portrait at the Age of Twenty-Eight Artist: Albrecht Durer Year: 1500 Nationality: German Media: Acrylic Paint, Panel Paint, and Oil...

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