Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome Greetings, from this humble slave, who stands before you today to plead, not for me, but for my fellow slaves. All the previous speaker has just said is not only inaccurate, it defies reality. The Roman system is rigged against us. It is mostly a life of sweat and blood and servitude. These slavery decrees exemplify the embodiment of the efficiency, and the effectiveness of the slavery by the Roman rule (Shelton, 29). Most of us will die before our time. We are dependent on the good grace of our owners. My fellow slaves feel they are treated poorly and hope that all slaves are sympathetic to our plight. Yes, we are under the Roman control, but we are still slaves, dependent on the attitude of our owners. We ask that we are treated like all Romans who just want to make an honest amount to support our families. We all ask to be free but will work off the cost of slavery, and all know and understand that Roman Empire would never have been built if it were not for enslavement. Now, is this the legacy, all Romans want to leave behind? Without us, where would the empire be today? You would have pestilence and famine, for who would be the cleanup crew? Who would sew your garments,or grow your food? We are tired of brutality, and the rape of our women and children. Give us freedom or death! For we would rather be dead, than to live under these conditions a moment longer. We are artisans, and engineers, house cleaners, and cooks, but will no longer do so unless you free us. We are willing to work, but want the same rights as any other Roman citizen. My fellow slaves and I are ready to die for the right to be free. We are not afraid to make the ultimate sacrifice.

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