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Special experience Name: Institutional Affiliation: Having lived an average existence in one place doing subpar things my entire life, I finished high school needing a drastic change. I had not seen my best friend Amy in almost two years since she moved to Germany. We planned an amazing graduation trip and intended to travel all over Europe with her boyfriend, and eccentric family. When I left, I was a timid, naïve girl with no life experience and zero common sense. Until that summer, I spent my life in the small town of Schertz, Texas doing nothing, but going to high school, and working minimum wage jobs. I had no sense of self-worth, did not have any confidence or independence. I suffered from anxiety and had frequent panic attacks. I had never taken any form of public transportation. I boarded the plane to Germany to follow my dreams. I had never traveled alone and felt terrified. Yet, I somehow managed to cultivate an obsession with travel. I had spent my whole life desperate to explore the world and felt convinced going out would change my life. I was a walking cliché. The whole idea sounded incredibly idyllic to me. I was so excited to travel to a different continent and visit various countries for the first time. Considering I went to Europe for three months with only one thousand dollars that I had saved working a minimum wage job calling bingo. You can probably imagine how being able to get around for this amount of time would be difficult, but I managed to make it work. After settling down in Amy's Village, we set off on our very first adventure. It began on a rough note with trying to rent a car. Amy and my now good friend Quinn both had expired

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