America’s Far Right

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Name: Course: Instructor: Date: America's Far Right Angela Blair criticizes the ideas which advocate for people's right to own guns and the laws which forbid death penalties to inhumane criminals such as child molesters and murderers. She cites the condition in Texas. Angela points that Texans accepts ownership for their guns, she also points the presumption that all licensed gun owners agree on the use the weapon appropriately and uses the arm to protect rather than harm people. However, Angela suggests that the firearms become dangerous when it lands on a criminals hand. Furthermore, Angela laments on the idea that confronts death penalty. She cites instances where the phobia of capital punishment would regulate criminal behavior. Angela also suggests that the law infringes on the rights of citizens when it uses taxpayers money to advocate for making inmates comfortable. She blames the rise of crimes on the leniency of the law. I believe Angela's arguments are misguided for three reasons. Angela’s case that licensed guns could end up in the hand of a criminal (Blair, N.P) could be right but also misguided on the belief of the results. Guns were manufactured mainly for dealing with criminals. Restraining law-abiding citizens, the right to protection is unacceptable. The chances that guns end up in criminals hand is a misfortune that cannot burden the likelihood that criminals would kill civilians with crude weapons such as machetes supposing there were no guns. Outlaws existed long before the introduction of guns. Secondly, Angela suggests that death penalty would improve criminal behavior by instilling fear (Blair, N.P). However, I believe that crude

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