American Government Assignment

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Name Professor Subject Date American Government Assignment Question 1 Progressive taxes are taxes whose rate increase as the income or wealth of the taxpayer increases while regressive taxes are taxes whose rate increase as the income or wealth of the taxpayer decreases. Payroll taxes support the basic social security program, the Medicare program, and the unemployment compensation program. The social security program endorses the old-age, survivors, and the disabled. The four constitutional limitations implemented on the power to tax are. Levied tax can only be used for public purposes and not for private interests. Customs duties can only be levied on imports and should not be applied to exports The allocation of direct taxes must be equal. Indirect taxes collected by the federal government should apply the same tax rate across the country. The implied limitation on the power to tax is that the states and local government cannot be taxed by the federal government when implementing government functions such as the provision of education, health services, or security. Based on reasoned judgment, indirect taxes are fairer than direct taxes. Unlike the direct taxes, indirect taxes can effortlessly be collected as they are included in the price of the goods and services being consumed. Since the direct taxes are imposed on the commodities, it is also easier to use them in controlling the consumption of harmful goods such as cigarettes and alcohol thereby serving a social purpose. Question 2 Public debt refers to the total amount the government owes the public plus the interests accrued while the annual deficit refers to the money borrowed by the government

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