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There are a number of psychological elements that make or shape up an individual. The development, motivation and emotion, social behavior, personality, perception, learning and memory and brain and human behavior of a person play a significant role in shaping up a person. The immediate environment, context, and the experiences of an individual affect the functionality of such elements. Below is a case study on Allen Whitcomb who was involved in a road accident where he lost his leg during the tragic accident. The research, therefore, seeks to show just how the various psychological elements listed above affected Allen Whitcomb and how it influenced and changed his normal life and behavior but in this case negatively due to the side effects of the accident. Moreover, the study shows how prior experiences and environmental set-up can affect or shape a person's personality and character even at a later stage like in the case of Allen Whitcomb. Allen Whitcomb is 47 years of age and is blessed with two children who are in college. Most of his life he has lived a healthy person till he had an accident that eventually led to him losing his leg. Apparently, he was texting while driving a factor that contributed to his accident. He complains of chronic pain and thus attributes his troubles at work due to pain. He knows if he pulls together he can succeed as he has been affected by accident and reportedly he has gained twenty pounds due to the accident. The accident has affected him psychological and thus he is in great need of therapy from professionals to help him get through this. Brain and behavior The brain stem is one of the main parts of the human brain. The brain stem

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