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Name of Student Name of Instructor Course Code Date of Submission Activity Analysis on Ironing a Shirt and Ironing Board Attention and sequencing The process of making ironing a shirt and ironing board requires a lot of attention to avoid burning the shirt due to over-ironing. The attention is required to make sure all the required level of temperature of the iron is correct (Gatrell, 10). The ironing board is assembled from various parts to make the complete system. The sequence of a shirt is very simple. The activity of ironing a shirt requires the laundry person to first acquire all the required equipment and accessories. The person ironing the shirt should have the iron, a nearby electric socket, and ironing board. The shirt to be ironed is then brought. The person should connect the iron to the electric socket and adjust the temperature of the iron according to the fabric requirements of the shirt. The shirt is then placed on the ironing board ready to be ironed. The iron is then passed over the shirt to make it straight and remove the shrunken parts. The shirt is ironed until all the regions are in good condition and without folds (Gatrell, 16). Problem solving and memory The problem-solving skills required in ironing the shirt include deciding the correct temperature adjustment to avoid burning the shirt. The person should be familiar with the fabric requirements of the shirt otherwise the shirt might end up being burnt due to excessive heat during the ironing process. The memory is required to avoid over ironing some parts. Again, memory is crucial in making minor temperature requirements if the iron does not have a thermostat for temperature

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