Abnormal Psychology revised

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Personality Disorders Student’s Name Institution   Giving a concrete definition of the term abnormal psychology can be quite a task. This is because it is dependent on an individual’s consideration of what is normal. The term normal solely depends on the context, that is, the place, time and the person involved. However, with all the diverse limitations, abnormal psychology can be defined as a deviation from that which a group of people considers acceptable or right (Cloninger& Svrakic, 2016). Abnormal psychology is a wide subject but in this paper mainly focuses on the various personality disorders and limitations associated with their management as well as their treatment. A personality disorder can be defined as a form of mental disorder characterized by unhealthy and rigid patterns of behavior, functioning and thinking manifest in a person (Cloninger & Svrakic, 2016). These quite often disrupt a person’s normal way of life and, eventually, social ties, academic progress as well as work (Nolen-Hoeksema & Rector, 2015). It would be very hard for an individual to know that he or she suffers from a personality disorder and for this reason then they often tend to blame other people for the challenges they face. Personality disorders are often detected during teenage years and early adulthood. Some of the disorders may become less apparent as individuals become middle aged. There are a total of ten disorders subdivided into three major categories; categories A, B, and C. Category A is comprised of schizotypal, paranoid and schizoid personality disorders. These disorders are collectively characterized by eccentric and odd mannerisms. Category B

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