A Bell for Adano

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Student Professor Course Date In the story, A Bell for Adano the author sets it during the Second World War 2 period. The major character who is Major Jappolo strives to restore the lost bell to the Italian American. Later he gains popularity amongst the people of Adano town. In this thesis, I am going to make an assumption that by the end of the story the mission failed. The basis of our argument, therefore, will be based on determining if Major Jappolo was a successful leader or not.In my opinion, Major Jappolo is a great success in the town still. When he visits the city, he is concerned for the welfare of the residents within. He tries to find out what was their major problem so as he can get a solution for them. For instance, he gives both of his representatives an opportunity to give their concern; the first complains of the food shortage within the town. He makes it clear to Major that most of the day's residents stayed without taking any meal. The other spokesman complained of the anxiety that people had to get back their lost bell. For about seven hundred years they had remained without their bell. As a leader, he made a critical decision and decided to pay his focus on the bell. Major Jappolo took it as an urgent issued and started working to get back the Bell. According to them, the bell symbolized unity and pride. Consequently, Major Jappolo spent part of his time to supply food and other necessities to the town. At the process of trying to know why the offer of the fish is low in the town, he discovers that the fishermen had not gone out for some time. By investigating, he found out that it was as a result of corruption protection funds.

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