8.04 semester project the roots of conflict.

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Student’s Name Professor History Date Conflict results from disagreements among diverse parties, and it may result in bloodshed, loss of properties and economic deterioration. For the case of Northern Ireland and Balkan Conflicts, there was a loss of life and property that derailed development in the two regions. The Northern Ireland Conflict refers to the disagreements between the Scottish and English settlers and the Native Irish. Over the years, Scottish and English settlers occupied the land belonged to the Irish, which fueled bloody violence between the two sides. It is essential to note the conflict evolved into a religious conflict considering most of the Scottish and English are Anglican Protestants while the Native Irish is predominantly Catholic (Great Britain 14). In fact, Penal Laws favor the Anglicans and suppress the Catholic and other Protestants such as Presbyterians in Northern Ireland. For instance, it was difficult for the Irish Catholic to rent land. The other cause of the conflict was differing political ideologies. The Irish Catholic favored linking the Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland while the Protestants pushed for the continued union of Northern Ireland with the United Kingdom. The people from the two conflicting sides relied on farming as an economic activity. The division between the Catholic Irish and the Scots/English Protestants resulted from the unfairness in accessing land and ruling. However, the religious background of the two disagreeing parties is different with the Native Irish being predominantly Catholic while the English and the Scottish are Protestants of the Anglican faith. Some of the approaches

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