6-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Draft of Final Project II: Bioethics

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6-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Draft of Final Project II: Bioethics Name Institution Affiliation 6-2 Final Project Milestone Three: Draft of Final Project II: Bioethics Terri Schiavo was a 26-year-old who collapsed in her Florida home in the 1990s. The cause of Schiavo's situation was lack of adequate oxygen intake in her system, which caused her condition for two months and two weeks. Schiavo entered into a vegetative state that created a dilemma regarding the most appropriate means of terminating her suffering (Destro, 2008). Schiavo's family and her husband conflicted the most ethical means to minimize her pain at the hospital (Hook, & Mueller, 2005). The two alternatives available for her state were death via euthanasia and surviving with machine assistant. The stakeholders involved in this case include Schiavo's husband, her family, and the doctors. Assisted death is one of the most controversial issues in medicine. It involves helping someone to minimize suffering through euthanasia. The central ethical point, in this case, was whether Schiavo would choose assisted death or she would opt to live. Michael Schiavo, Schiavo's husband, indicated that she had stated that she did not intend to live in a vegetable state (Fine, 2005). In this case, Michael proposed assisted death as the only option to end Schiavo’s suffering. The ethical nature of the judgments from all the stakeholders is questionable, regarding the choices of the victim. Some of the descriptions given to Mrs. Schiavo during the case include vegetative, brain dead and comatose (Perry, Churchill, & Kirshner, 2005). The right moral judgment regarding decisions for medical treatment

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