4 Models of family Power

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FOUR MODELS OF FAMILY POWER Student’s Name Course Title: Course Name Date Patriarchal Model This model is ubiquitous in most societies even to the present age. In most Christian homes, there is a belief that the Scripture commands man as the head of the family, which implies that the man should be the lord of his household and that submission means that the wife should kneel to his authority. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the scripture calls for shared deference and the servant role model developed by Jesus (Philippians 2:5-8 and Ephesians 5:21) should be used as a guide. God requires both the husband and the wife to keep the glory and fear of the Lord ever before them. The entire submission is made only to the Jesus who was acquired them by the priceless value of life. Democratic-Exchange Model This model is premised on a belief that authority and control dwells in the family entity in its entirety. Family strategies are derived from negotiations and bargains. The use of power gives room for say to every member of the family, but since parents are the ones with the resources, they often have the upper hand about the family power compared to the other members of the family. This implies that they have an ultimate say in most decisions made in the family. The Self-Interest Model Societies in the present age are full of materialistic and self-centered hedonistic individuals.  They keep on making bargains with their interests first. This is a major concern for many. In this model, the personal interests become primal compared to the needs of the others. In this model, people compete for places of authority, which inadvertently leads to a chaotic

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