4-1 Discussion: Issues in Security and Privacy

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Privacy of Medical Information Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Date Privacy of Medical Information Patients must be assured that their health information will not be shared with other parties. Failure to assure patients of their health information privacy may make them withhold particular vital information that could affect the quality and outcome of healthcare. The issue of insecurity on patient’s data has been prevalent in a health clinic in Massachusetts. Patient’s information such as gender, patient’s names, health insurance information, and addresses was shared with unauthorized individuals. The paper will discuss policies and procedures that protect the health information of patients. Administrative and technical and safeguards should be established to maintain secrecy of patient’s data. The physical safeguards involve device separation, data backup, and proper device disposal (Acquisti, Brandimarte & Loewenstein, 2015). Moreover, technical safeguards may include installation of secure communication systems such as secure sockets layers and virtual private networks. Furthermore, administrative safeguards involve documentation of departmental security policies and training employees about the policies (Fernández-Alemán et al., 2013). Workers should be trained on how to use logins for identification and how to retain the electronic data. Furthermore, electronic medical records should have specific components in their system security policies. These components include data integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and confidentiality (Wu & Xu, 2013). Authentication involves the process of verifying the identity of the user

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