Youth Violence and Video Games revised

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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Youth Violence and Video Games Introduction Violent video games affect how teens think and act. Violent video games include the destruction of property, killing police, mass shooting, and other acts that could be considered bloody, but the game designers never show the teens how these games affect other people. Teen violence has become a social issue in many parts of the world. Therefore, the most significant problem with the video games is that they affect youth’s perception of violence and they may end up acting what they play. The most practical solution to this problem would be moving the computer and the gaming tools in public places such as a living room in the homes so to ensure that the parents monitor what their children play. Violent Video Game Problem According to Violent Video Games Linked To Child Aggression (np), the aggressive behavior was evident in the teens who habitually played violent video games. The ones who played the violent computer games indicated an aggressive attitude towards others. The aggressiveness was primarily linked to the games that involved dismemberment or graphic murdering. The violent thoughts included imagining hitting a person they hated, or someone who was hostile to them. It is also including thinking that it would be right for someone to beat another in case they wronged them. However, games also have therapeutic value, and they cannot be entirely associated with the negativities of youth violence. For instance, the video games increase the esteem of the players as they move from one level to another as teens feel that they can now solve life problems. And,

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