Young Kids Old Bodies

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Student’s name Professor’s name Course Date Physiological Results Correlated with Premature-aging and Associated with Obesity Childhood obesity causes different health complications that negatively affect the development and lifestyle of children. Due to the health complication which is associated with obesity, most children affected will have a shorter lifespan and will suffer from premature aging. The physiological results related to the premature aging and obese in children include Kidney failure, liver problems such as fatty liver and liver cirrhosis, heart disease, unhealthy pancreas, depression among others. Some of the physiological results outlined in the article are the liver problem, diabetes, and heart problems. When children develops a fatty liver, a condition that is mostly caused by alcoholism and is rarely found in those less than 50 years, they can go on to develop liver cirrhosis. The cirrhosis is as a result of the excessive fat damaging the liver cells. The cells will, therefore, be hindered from performing its work of filtering toxins and waste from the body. A fatty liver in children can lead to heart attacks, high blood pressure, cancer, and stroke. In severe cases, a liver transplant may be necessary. It is therefore important that the kids affected to seek medication immediately and start reducing their weight and keeping it off (Park 42). The excessive fat can sometimes impair the ability of the pancreas to use insulin to control the blood sugar level leading to type 2 diabetes. Children with unhealthy pancreas are either injected with insulin or are given pills that can help body's insulin to break down glucose efficiently. Children

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