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Young and New Technology Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Impacts of Technology on Children Research based on violence in mass media and their effect on children would be an appropriate area of study. In the 21st century, children have turned to video and computer games, television and even social media. It has become part of their life. The exposure has made children vulnerable and exposed to violence (Calvert & Wilson 2011). As a conscious and informed citizen, there should be a need to create awareness regarding the harmful effect children are likely to be exposed to through the mass media. Through the research, education of the public on adverse effects of violence programs to children would be one of the strategies. As a researcher posing a question on how the harmful programs in early stages of a child affect his or her later stages of life. It is the topic of concern more especially in the current world of advancing technology and TV viewers. Hypothesis 1: children are likely to be more violent at later stages of life as a result of watching damaging programs. It has been an important area of study since the advent of modern technology; it seems like violence continues to escalate. Many researchers have performed this topic of research. When children watch television, they tend to imitate what they see. Media violence promotes aggressiveness through imitation in children (Kail & Cavanaugh, 2013). Extended viewing of violence in media can lead to emotional desensitization on violence. Conducting surveys, observation method, and random sampling would be used in data collection. The focus will be on programs run

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