Yoga Asana

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Benefits of Asana Student’s Name Institution Asana Yoga The word "Asana" is a Sanskrit terminology used for particular physical posture. Asana expresses a specific position that is more comfortable and relaxed. The person holding such position must stay for a longer period to connect with the inner self. In the second century even before Jesus Christ came, Yoga already existed, and this can be confirmed from Patanjali's writings "Yoga Sutras" on the principles of Yoga Practice (Bryant, 2015). Patanjali named "Asana" the meditation posture and "Yoga Vyayam," a physical posture. However, in the current day, Asana refers to the universal and dynamic Yoga. Asana postures were derived from positions and natural movements of various animals. This explains why most of Asana postures are named after animal names such as tiger, cat, deer, and hare, among others. The Asana postures use the complexities of nature to learn how to help oneself. Similarly, to the animals, the positions movements had specific benefits. The different types of Asana bearing animal names have particular advantages to the body. The supreme types of asana include Bhujangasana, Marjari, Shashankasana, Padmasana, and Shirsana. General Benefits of Asana This type of body movement is beneficial for the nervous, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, as well as the joints and muscles. Asana is also helpful for the mind; energy centers (Chakras) and psyche. Asana is psychosomatic exercises that give balance to the nervous system, strengthens, harmonize and stabilizes the states of mind of the practitioner. Some of the impacts that asana brings to the practitioner include clarity of thought, contentment,

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