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Efficient Administration of Adult Intellect Program Administrator roles and responsibilities The role of Adult Intellect administrator is carried out in a learning institution for adults. The school's clientele's primary goal is to acquire labor market relevant experience. This experience can be divided into technical skills that are field-specific and social skills that every worker of the institution will require. The chief role of the administrator is, therefore, to ensure that knowledge is disseminated to the learners effectively. To achieve this, the administrator must make sure that all the employees coordinated effectively to ensure a good transition from one department to the other. As already expressed in previous discussions, there is a grave crisis of fragmentation among the departments with the engineering team assuming a superior complex that prevents effective operations with the social sciences department. (Gailbraith et.al, 1997) The initial objective of the administrator is to manage the staffing crisis. This is accomplished by taking the role of the leader in the organization. In most cases, individuals learn more effectively through imitation. The leadership technique of the administrator will, therefore, affect the functionality of other leaders significantly. This is because the personal philosophy of the manager determines the institution’s philosophy and mission. The second role is to communicate this philosophy clearly to both students and staff members. The theory will also help the administrator to perform other roles at the organization which include setting the goals and objectives for the employees and students, organizing and

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