Writer’s choiceThe ecological benefits of rammed earth construction in medium density urban development

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The ecological benefits of rammed earth construction in medium density urban development Presented By Institution Date Introduction Technological innovations in recent years have resulted in architects engaging in traditional methods of constructions where new and old ways of construction are merged. The purpose is largely to achieve suitability and promote more economical and moderns ways in the construction industry. It is known and well published that in the construction industry the use of different materials and manpower results in the use of high amounts of energy and other resources. Consequently, this results in increasing exploitation and degradation of resources thereby leading to the destruction of ecosystems. The increasing populations around the globe constitute to an increase in housing demands which then is directly linked to higher cost for materials to use in the construction of buildings especially in medium and low-density urban populations. Consequently, this necessitates the need to use materials that promote environmental conservation and at the same time address the housing problems that affect the urban areas. Rammed earth construction is a traditional form of construction applied in the building industry that involves the use of earth and hand labor technologies. Ideally, the process of construction involves the mixing and packing of the earth using water and in some case Portland cement to form a formwork. This application has gained popularity in recent years due to the sustainable construction values it provides in addition to the excellent design work. Rammed earth construction was used by Native Americans for hundreds of years but then

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