Writer’s choice1. Explain why you intend to pursue your master’s in finance studies at this time.

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Name Professor Course Date Topic: Explain why you intend to pursue your master’s in finance studies at this timeAs a naturally curious person particularly regarding trends in data, I have an insurmountable interest in finance. I gravitate towards economics because of its endless capabilities of unveiling the essence of various economic phenomena. I am applying for my master’s in Finance so that I can pursue my life mission: to become an outstanding portfolio manager with unparalleled competence. I began preparing for this mission by cultivating a better understanding of the financial market and qualitative strength. My experience at UNNC Business School for the past four years has been unmatched. I was not only taught by internationally recognized professors but also English was the language of delivery and used U.K. textbooks. UNNC provides some CFA-related courses as a partner of CFA program partner. Mathematics and Finance are pre-requisites for the MMF program, and I laid a solid foundation in them all through the four years. I acknowledge the importance of quantitative research in my career goals, and I have passionately dedicated myself to the same. Alongside a team of five members, we participated in Global Research Investment Challenge. I was involved in evaluating SFUN-Holding by NAV models, which is the global No.1 real estate Internet portal. Also, I found a skew stock return pattern after programming and regression analysis of historical stock returns. Because of our excellent performance, we won the intramural competition, and the Dean of UNNC further selected me as a research assistant, the only undergraduate student. For a more practical

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