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Name: Professor: Course: Date Television in Socialization The television has become a great and major source of entertainment in America as most of the time is spent watching the various programs that have quite an impact on the society, and even undermining real socialization and experiencing real-life situation (Gonzalez-Mena, 1). They have a great impact on our daily living and even our thoughts as well. A review of the game of thrones seasons four episode eight will reveal some of these aspects in the modern society. The episode shows at least five of the major households that are fighting for control of the mystical land of Westeros. Among the key characters being, Daenerys who is currently in Meereen fleeing slaves and consolidating an army to conquer the seven kingdoms. Baelish whose ambition has to lead him to kill Lysa by throwing her throw the moon door, after their marriage all in a bid to consolidate power in the Vale of Arryn. Lady Sansa who managed to escape with Baelish from Kings Landing. The brothers of the night watch who are eager to keep watch and safeguard the wall from attacks by the wildlings. Theon Greyjoy, who returns home to the house Bolton. Tyrion and Jaime Lannister in the kings landing. This is a quest for power and people are going to great lengths to safeguard and consolidate as much power as they can with the main aim being to lead the seven kingdoms. This makes the characters, ruthless, while for others, showing mercy especially to slaves seem to be working in their favor. To the viewers, this is an illustration of to what lengths people go to get in control which will in a great way affect their judgment and even have a great

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