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The Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams Transition Author Institutional Affiliation The Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams Transition INTRODUCTION Alfred Lubrano, a journalist, explores the life of Americans born blue-collar but have white-collar jobs. He refers to them as straddlers and in his study, explores the various challenges that they face as they transition from blue to white social ladders in the society. In his book, he seeks to establish the impact of the change in personal life as well as the cultural differences that emerge and how well straddlers deal with them. Further, he explores what straddlers lose or gain as they transition from one social class in the society to the next. For any straddler, this will be a great read while familiarizing oneself with the different experiences that different straddlers undergo while also exploring the similarities. Finding similarities with other straddlers may serve as a uniting point for them, but they decide to make the step say in seeking out other straddlers. The book further offers a guide to navigating the various experiences and coping with the challenges of the transition hence making it easier for the Limbo straddlers; being assimilated to the white class and achieve their dreams. SUMMARY Being a straddler himself, the writer takes the reader on a personal journey, alongside that of other people he interviewed as they aim at getting into the mind of a straddler and understanding them better (Lubrano, 2010). For this reason; the book is divided into various sections to facilitate a great illustration, and a deep indulgence to understand a straddler. But before clearly outlining the

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