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NAME PROFESSOR COURSE DATE UNHEALTHINESS OF AMERICANS DUE TO OBSESSION BY IDEA OF HEALTHY EATING This argument is true that Americans are unhealthy due to the obsession with the mentality of healthy eating. The reasons as to why this motion is true are because many according to the article have opted to prefer healthy and natural foods with other foods that can bring illness to them. To further support the motion of debate, many people have opted to eat “healthy foods” and die faster as the common saying goes roaming around. Healthy eating does not necessarily mean that you are eating healthy foods and to start with some arguments as to why the motion is supportable involves the following according to the article containing the motion To begin with according to the article some Americans have left their daily foods for foods that seems healthy to them. These Americans have often found themselves consuming a lot of these foods stuff and consequently become obsessed since they eat foods like granola and yogurt which accelerates the rate of illness among the individuals. In addition to this, most Americans have got the wrong perception of what healthy eating really means and due to this, they go around the market buying foods that only cause illness to them due to the nature of the foods they eat. To proceed with this, many people not being in a position of having sufficient knowledge about the said healthy eating have been caged in a web of worries about what to consume and this has led them to hold their appetite making these group of people develops eating disorder of consuming large amount of foods over a short period of time, this condition is called

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