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Name: Professor: Course: Date Assessing the Legalization of Medical Marijuana and its Impact to the Society Legislations are in place to protect the people hence adherence to the set laws serves first to the benefit of the people. Over the years, the legislation as to the legalization of certain drugs has changed to make some drugs, for example, alcohol, legal. However, the change in the stand comes after serious deliberation and for good reasons. In the recent past, medical marijuana has been quite a topic of discussion not to mention its legalization. Therefore, this paper aims to examine, the legalization of medical marijuana and the impact of its legalization on the users and the economy as well. Given the situation, a few question may arise during the study, for instance, an inquiry into the legalizations and the reason behind it, the efficiency of the drug in the medical field. How will the drug use be regulated to minimize drug abuse as well as the negative effects that come with misuse? Further, a critical examination into the implications of the legalization of the drug to the public and their families and the impact of the legalization of the drug to the economy of the state. What are the negative implications to such legislation? (Monte, Andrew, Richard, and Kennon, 242) To effectively conduct the study, both primary and secondary means of data collection will be used to collect data from the physicians as well as the public; more so those who had the drug recommended. Questionnaires will, therefore, be the main tool of primary data collection. While for secondary data, the internet and books relating to medical marijuana will be much helpful. The

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