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Conceptual Physics Name Institutional affiliations Date Conceptual Physics Mod #21 Textbook Answers Chapter 23, Pages 463 – 464: #2-20 even2. What is evaporation, and why is it also a cooling process? It is a process by which liquids change from state to vapor.The particles which are remaining in a liquid have lower average kinetic energy than before, so the cooling process of the liquid happens as evaporation happens. This is the reason why sweating cools people down. 4. What is condensation, and why is it also a warming process? It refers to the process in which water vapor in the atmosphere is changed into liquid water. It is also a warming process since energy that has is being transferred to the cool surface by the molecules which are undergoing phase changes will make the temperature of the cool surface to rise 6. Which usually contains more water vapor-warm air or cool air? Warm air will hold extra water vapor than cool air this is because as the air warms its molecules will be further apart which gives more room for more molecules. For a cool air the particle are much closer hence cannot accommodate more molecules. 8. How can you tell if the rate of evaporation equals the rate of condensations? When the amount of liquid evaporating; is equal to the amount of vapor condensing no longer changes in this state. This is called equilibrium state. . 10. What is the difference between evaporation and boiling? Evaporation happens on the surface. It may occur when the partial pressure of vapor of the substance is less than the equilibrium vapor pressure while boiling point is the transition phase from liquid to gas and it happens above the boing

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