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Moral Panic Theory Author’s Name Institution Moral Panic Theory A moral panic is defined as any episode that arises there is a misdirected public concern about an episode related to alarming laws or media that poses a threat to the social order (Krinsky, 2013). Moral panics usually center on marginalized people in the society by their race, sexuality, gender, and ethnicity. Moral panics emphasize the differences between people and amplify the stereotypes that are already in place. The media is one of the drivers of moral panics and stereotyping efforts in the society. Most people rely so much on the press for information than they do from real social interactions. Statistics show that 50% of the youth spend to get all their information from social media. Most of this information is baseless and is not verifiable and could, therefore, be misleading. Politics is one other tool that people use to fuel moral panics in the society (Krinsky, 2013). Globally, it has been evidenced that most individuals will take the words of politicians as the gospel truth even though this might not be the case. The players in the political world could, therefore, use their positions to cause moral panic and create divisions along stereotypical lines among people. The groups mainly affected by these administrative proceedings are ethnicity and religion. Most politicians have a say in the religion they follow as well as their ethnic and geographic location. These panic attacks sometimes accelerate to violence along those lines. People resort to holding grudges along the lines of the division they never noticed before the influence of their leaders. They create social crimes and

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