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Name:Instructor: Course: Date of Submission: Agents of socialization From the video and PowerPoint presentation, I realized that the media played an essential part in my socialization. Since I was a kid, I have always enjoyed watching television, movies and reading newspapers. The kind of music played in the local channels influenced my sense of style and fashion. For example, rap music shaped my dressing style of wearing baggy jeans and big t-shirts. The movies watched helped to shape my view of the world. Most of them often depicted women as the weaker sex who always need help from men in times of trouble. In a sense, they helped to promote gender stereotypes about the position of males and females in the society. The numerous commercials aired on television greatly influenced my taste in various products (Grusec and Hastings 276). I would demand my parents to buy me the latest shoes or clothes advertised on television like many other children. Children mostly grow up with their parents and guardians. Families play such a critical role in the socialization of children. In my case, my parents played an important role in prescribing my gender roles from a young age. They always bought toys and clothes associated with my gender and encouraged me to pursue sports and games typical of my sex. They used language associated with my gender and urged me to embrace the gender roles prevalent at the time. From a young age, my parents also instilled the values of honesty and respect. They did so by spanking me when I was guilty of dishonesty and disrespect towards older members of the household and the society (Grusec and Hastings 35). The actions undertaken by my parents

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