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Name: Instructor: Course: Date of Submission: Review of an annotated bibliography The author of the annotated bibliography correctly arranges the sources according to their alphabetical order and their order of relevance. However, the writer fails to adhere to the formatting rules of APA. The author lists the sources haphazardly without considering the proper arrangement of the date, author, and other relevant details needed in the citations (“Maria Montessori” n.p.). For example, the first book by Dale Gausman has the name of the author and date of publication at the end instead of having the authorship and year at the beginning (Purdue 15). Also, the second citation only shows a website link without any other critical details such as the name of the web source and the date of access. Despite the errors in formatting, the author conducts an elaborate summary of the sources. The analysis undertaken presents a clear picture of the content of the sources used in the annotation (“Maria Montessori” n.p.). Additionally, the writer uses simple language that helps the readers to understand the message. The writer tries to build the credibility of the sources by providing compelling reasons such as stating that some of the materials have had various reviews to refine their contents. The summary also acknowledges that some of the books presented have recognized publishers. The writer does not show any bias in her arguments as they include supporting evidence. However, why does the writer fail to correctly present the points of view of the different sources in the paper? Why would some other readers doubt the credibility of the sources? The author should have

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