Write a report summarizing each of 3 Reconstruction scandals

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Student’s name: Course name: Student’s number: Due Date: Reconstruction scandals The reconstruction period happened after the civil war, and it was an era characterized by a lot of political frauds. State government and local government leaders were led by their greed for public finances and they acted in dishonesty. This paper is going to address the three reconstructive scandals that took place in the postwar period. These scandals include the Tweed Ring in New York, the Credit Mobilier Scandal, and Black Friday. The Tweed Ring in New York William Tweed began to be known in the 1840s when he was a fireman volunteer in New Yolk. Because he was not famous, he established a power foundation without being noticed in a ward of his service. In 1853 he was elected to the House of Representatives for one term which ended in 1855. When he was serving his time, his interest was mostly in the local affairs and the state being very lively in the Tammany Hall. It is during this time that William assembled a group of political men that came to be known as Tweed Ring. He had a lot of power since he was the controller of all the finances at New Yolk city. This group offered citizens deals and employments in exchange for their support in the politics. In 1869 a powerful man in the Tweed John Hoffman became the governor of New Yolk giving Tweed more power. Due to the new position of one of his men, he got the power to control the courts, the security and district attorney. Tweed being a Democrat he faced criticism from the republican oppositions but due to his power he neutralized these condemnations by increasing their salaries and benefits. In most cases, the Tweed

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