World History Research Paper that focuses on one theme and uses evidence from three time periods.

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Science and Technology Outline Abstract Introduction The Industrial Revolution 1700-1900 The World Wars 1914-1945 The Contemporary World 1914- present Works Cited Name Instructor Course Date Science and Technology Abstract Markedly, science and technology have been fundamental in propelling the growth of global economy. However, people disregard the process of revolution, inventions, and innovations that have been made in science and technology. The inventions in science and technology have had both constructive and fatalistic bearing on human life. For instance, the inventions in the field of agriculture led to the large reproduction of foodstuffs, improved quality of farm products, and easy control of pests and diseases. Despite the massive improvement in service delivery for agricultural companies, the inventions led to enormous loss of jobs by people who worked as laborers in the large farms and eventually resulted in massive rural-urban migration. Similarly, other fields faced similar positives and negatives since the industrial revolution period to date. Consequently, it is imperative to understand the various stages that science and technology have undergone since the industrial revolution, the two World Wars, and in the current contemporary world to help human beings to appreciate the contribution of science and technology for their personal and well-being of the society. Introduction Notably, most inventions in the field of science and technology have helped propel the growth and advancement of most nations across the globe and have affected people across the world both positively and negatively. Most of these innovations in the field of

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