Workplace diversity

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Workplace Diversity Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Workplace Diversity There are techniques which leaders practice when engaging and persuading employees in workplaces. One needs to polish and understand the skills and learn the act the start to persuade others. Listening and knowing your audience is needed in every talk to employees in workplaces. One needs to practice persuasion in real and hypothetical situations (Matthiesen 2015). There are six principles of the persuasion that everyone needs understand for business success which include: liking, reciprocation, commitment and consistency, authority and scarcity. Psalm 37:30 states “The mouths of the righteous utter wisdom, and their tongues speak justice”. The bible verse shows how important it is for a leader to be wise in every word they alter. Effective communication is very important from a Christian point of view. It plays a role in sustaining Christian values and in social life. It is an instrument that upholds Christian values thus contributing to conflict resolutions in not only organizations but also in other places. The Christian view stresses the importance of harmony and peace. Good and effective communication promotes diplomacy in solving conflicts in workplaces (Sue 2015). There is demographic diversity and cultural diversity. Demographic diversity in workplaces comes about when employees of different ages incorporated to work together. For cultural diversity, the employees come from different cultural backgrounds. A company employing diversity in the workforce has a broad employee base. It keeps itself in contact with workers from different parts of the world. Employees

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