Women’s Health

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Women’s Health Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Over a long time in history, there has been deep prejudice towards the treatment of transgender/ lesbian /bisexual people in the community. This biased treatment towards such group of people entails the negative attitudes and stigmatization that is directed to them both in the private and public places (Roberts, 2006). It is worth noting that several kinds of abuse, as well as discrimination, have always been in the spotlight, their physical, psychological and mental impact remains unsolved. Therefore, the lesbians and the gay couple not only encounter difficulties within essential components of life such as employment, housing, the organizational configuration of the healthcare services but also personal and the cultural aspects. This essay aims to address the lesbians/ bisexual women’s problems in the context of health care services based on the case study in question. Health factors and health risks have played a significant role in ease of communication between the lesbians and the medical practitioners. However, in the case provided it is important to note the behavioral factor whereby Betty is depressed due to her current situation. It is worth noting that in a bid for Betty to receive efficient standard primary health care, it is essential to understand the patient’s sexual orientation as well as her lack of health insurance coverage. The society’s prejudice towards the lesbian patients acts as a barrier to expressing themselves to the medical practitioners whenever they seek their services (Tracy & Junginger, 2007). The sociocultural orientation of the society tends to discriminate

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