Women in Combat

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Women in Combat Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Women in CombatKing, A. (2013). Women in combat. The RUSI Journal, 158(1), 4-11. Based on the announcement made on January 2016 by the United States secretary of defense declaring that women be allowed to participate in ground -combat activities in the USA military beginning 2016. Anthony King develops a captivating assessment of the practises of various Western armed forces, and makes conclusion that the current world of expert militaries, gender is not the cohesion factor, but competence and training (King, 2013). Anthony King, the author of this source, teaches Sociology at Exeter University. He is also the author of The Transformation of Europe’s Armed Forces, and The Combat Soldier. The source is therefore very appropriate and reliable for my paper. Quester, G. H. (1977). Women in combat. International Security, 80-91. Makes an attempt to investigate the obvious and instinctive hypothetical assumptions surrounding the participation of the females in the armed forces, the ones in the military to be specific. Intends to sort out some elementary subjects of social choice and social policy that are responsible for the deceptively global dislike of women in war; if there existed trends contrary to this loathing, they may have a significant impact for foreign and armed guidelines, as well as equivalent civil liberties for females. Aversion to employment of women in the military has majorly been as a result of societal insolences. Some of these beliefs are that women should not be allowed to participate in destruction and killing, and should remain more humane and pure than men; that female involvement in

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