Wise Minorities

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Wise Minorities. Thoreau argues that a government ruled by the majority in all cases, is not just. The majorities, who are always in power, makes laws, and decide on behalf of the minority. Acts stipulated by the majorities may not be mindful of the opposition. The few members of the community are therefore unfairly compelled to obey laws that are not in any way fit for them. This study focuses on the reasons that justify the rebellion of the minorities against majority rules. The majority forms all democratic governments. However, there is no guarantee that majority rule would be just because amongst the crowd there are ignorant characters as well. For the government to remain healthy, it needs medicine, which is a little rebellion. Without such rebellions, the government will always relax and not go an extra mile to achieve what they are required to. They get to their comfort zone and do things as it pleases them. People will always work best when they know that someone will be there to critic and question their decisions (Richardson, 1997). The minority has the right to rebel when the decision of majority are unsound. Thoreau states that the only obligation he has is to do what his conscience tells him are the rational thing. Every person has the conscience; it would be better for people to obey their conscience other than blindly following some regulations that may not be the best option for them. People know the difference between what is right and wrong. Minority, therefore, have the freedom to make their decisions because the right choices are not pegged on the belief of the majority. Like Thoreau, I believe that everyone should cooperate with good; it should

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